Joshua Tree Elopements
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RUn away with us

Created with love by a team of creative professionals that include a stylist/designer & coordinator & photographer, we are inspired to bring to life intimate gatherings and vows whispered by just you two and the surrounding desert flora. A Joshua Tree elopement is nothing short of magical. 


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You, me and the preacher lady makes 3



Styling and designing a wedding, of any size takes some coordination and knowing the where's, how to's and when. From that Kilim rug to the soft quiet chimes of Tibetan meditation bowls, we create a dreamy and ethereal little nook for you to simply be with your chosen love. You + the stylist will have a date (virtual or in person over wine/coffee!) and create the most perfect day ever. 


Our photographer dreams in Kodak colors and is wanderlust in spirit. The three of you will wander & explore & will return to a chosen sacred ground to speak your vows and promises. Your images will be a combination of film and digital shots, but if you wish, you may have all your images be film only. As well, if you would love a little mini film, we as well offer super 8mm film mini movies and are partnered with talented visionary videographers. 


We assist with any necessary permits, we secure the location of your desire, and we make it happen. We know a lot of locations and have access to some really special places. 


tiny wedding planning

Wedding planning is a legit job and one we are good at. Included in all our packages is a preacher, a photographer, styling & a coordinator, but sometimes you may need more! We can also provide the flowers, a little cake and sweet nibbles, hair and makeup and car service. All the big things a wedding day needs...but scaled down to just you two (and if you got a small crew with you - we can make that happen too!).  All you need to do is suit up and show up! 

Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold
— Zelda Fitzgerald




Desert Pop Up was dreamed up by Trish + Christina. We are based in Joshua Tree and Palm Springs as well as the neighboring desert towns.